All you need to know about web services

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Type: Computer Science Theory
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a web service is a web based software that offer services for other machines trough open standard platform over a network. In this article we will see how web services work observing the architectures and the components.

Web services architecture

A web service describe an interface in an automatic language like WSDL(Web Service Description Language). it can be found on a public directory UDDI(Universal Description Discovery and Integration) and he use a protocol SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol) to communicate with other softwares. Web service use Xml for data serialisation and is independent of operating system and programming language.

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Let’s talk about the ARCHITECTURE.
The service provider implements the web service and publish it on the internet.
The service requester is any entity that want to use the service. This entity will send and receive SOAP messages for communication.
the service registry is a directory to publish a new web service or search the existing ones.

Web services Layered Stack

Web Services has an interesting protocol stack.

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Like you can see Xml is a fundamental element for Web services. Let’s see the elements of this stack in details.


SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol) is a communication protocol for message exchanging through internet.
It’s a W3C standard based on XML. A SOAP message is an XML document with some mandatory and some optional elements

SOAPStructure 300x102 All you need to know about web services


WSDL(Web Service Description Language) is an Xml based language for web service description. It describes how to access to a service and what operations it offer.

WSDLStructure 300x82 All you need to know about web services


UDDI(Universal Description Discovery and Integration) is an organised and indexed database of Web services. UDDI makes the Web service interface description(WSDL) available through the SOAP message. You can say it aloud: It seems that UDDI communicate like a Web service.

The structure of an UDDI entry is made of (white, yellow and green pages)

UDDIEntry 300x61 All you need to know about web services


In this article, we’ve covered the Web services concept looking at his architecture and layered stack elements.
thank you for your time!

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